Expectations, expectations

10 Sep

So, only 2 days in to the first full week and the word expectations is at the fore front of my brain.
You forget at the start of the year just how long it takes to teach children general routines such as lining up, writing in books etc. Im not achieving much in the way of learning but one of the greatest things ive learnt about teaching is that its the learning of expectations thats important at this time of the year. There are times during the day where i think yes! they finally get that they have to be quiet on the carpet, then the next lesson im back to waiting for silence. I had them attempting to line up for assembly 3 times today!
I hope that we’ll get there eventually, and i know we will, i just have to remember that at the moment, routines and expectations are of greater priority than academic learning!


First impressions

5 Sep

It was first day back today and first day with my brand new class. They’re not a bad bunch really, but certainly a whole different ball game from last years. Oh how i miss last years class!
So today went ok. Started with a class treasure hunt to get to know the classroom. They made posters of the class rules and performed little role plays. But the afternoon was an absolute nightmare, not helped by the heat of my classroom. The kids were extremely restless. Many couldnt fill in a simple hundred square which has got me rethinking numeracy plans. But it was their volume and continuous chatter that got to me. You just forget how long it takes to get things done at the start of the year as you are forever waiting for them to be quiet!
Gonna introduce my classroom call outs tomorrow and see how that goes.

It’s been a long time!

4 Sep

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here! My aim is to try to keep this updated more during this academic year, it’s good to reflect on what’s working etc.
So I’m back with year 2 and expecting a rather lively bunch tomorrow morning. Think they might end up testing my behaviour management skills! I’m hoping just a bit of stability and structure is all they need. But I’m looking forward to the challenge all the same!
We had an interesting session on numicon today during our staff inset. For those who don’t know it’s a UK maths resource, great for children being able to actually see and understand number. I’ve always had access to it in my class and have dabbled in it occasionally, but I’m looking forward to trying out different ideas and using it a little more. Going to start with familiarising the children with it this week so will let you know how it goes.

Ahoy there

22 Feb

New half term, new topic. This half term our topic is life on the open wave and we will be starting by looking at the book ‘the lighthouse keepers lunch’. My fantastic caretaker has produced this amazing role play area for us.




Its complete with a pulley going across the classroom!


I cant wait for the children to see it! Its not too big inside so i envisage a lot of role play on the outside, perhaps some reading inside.
Here are some more pictures of the classroom with an ocean pirate theme.




Land down under

14 Jan

Happy new year everyone! Glad to be back at school?
Our new year has kicked of with a new topic- Australia.  This is my fantastic role play area.




A lot of thanks go to the school caretaker who painted the backdrop for me!! The kids love getting into the den and looking out for wildlife!
I always like to have a wow topic start and this was no exception. Our first day started with the children making model suitcases and packing them for a trip to australia. They made passports and we went on an imaginary trip to the airport. After checking in and going through security we boarded the plane. I had them sitting in rows and found a video of a plane taking off! Once in australia we used brochures to find things to do, had a go at throwing boomerangs and made our own. Then it was time to return to the uk. I actually heard a child say they had a great time in australia. Good job they have good imaginations!!!

Its christmas!!!

21 Dec

Happy school holidays everybody!!! Enjoy a well deserved break!!!

The road to success

18 Dec

Just thought id share my latest display. I needed to find a way of displaying targets so that the children could see where they were headed. I use the pedagogs target stamps when marking so i drew them out to create bigger a4 ones and uses these for my target display. That way they already know what they mean!


I like all the displays on pinterest where they use the door and this ended up being the only available space in my room. With many more important things to do, i took great pleasure in relaxing and doing a nice creative display!

Christmas countdown

15 Dec

So the countdown to the end of term has begun. One week to go! Last week was our ks1 production and the children certainly did us proud!! This years play was Hey Ewe, one which we will certainly do again. Lively songs, not too long, enjoyed by children, staff and parents.
Also last week was the annual carol service, which this year saw the addition of a christingle service. It was definately the highlight of the afternoon. One child was so mesmerised by the lit candle i had to get him to move it slightly further away from his nose!!!
I love this time of year at school. Whilst it might be busy with additional things on top of the already crammed full curriculum, i love seeing the excitement on the childrens faces. Next week is our class trip to the pantomime, my favourite trip of the year. Its lovely not to have to think of objectives for the trip, over than having fun and enjoying xmas festivities and traditions.
Although i do love this time of year, im ready for a rest. Im exhausted. I could feel my eyes getting heavier and heavier while at the childrens christmas disco on friday night. Looking forward to a well earned rest.

Superhero high command

23 Nov

An envelope arrived at school for year 2 this week marked secret mission. Inside was a disc. The children decided we’d better see what was on it. A suited man appeared on the screen informing us that he was from superhero high command and had a secret mission. He had information to say that some villains might be hiding out in the village and needed our help to go and check for potential hiding places. So, armed wih village maps, out we went. The children found a hole in the hedge of the allotment and footprints on the village green which kept vanishing!!! They therefore came to the conclusion that the villains had dangerous super powers!
Back at school we needed to report our findings to superhero high command so the children wrote a non chronological report.
Another great activity for our topic! We’ve now got the entire of ks1 hooked, one girl in reception believes she saw the villain throw dynamite in the hall the other day and thats why the fire engine came. In actual fact it was a planned visit to cover real life heroes as well as superheroes!!!! So far im actually loving this topic! Worried about how ill make the rest of the year just as exciting!!!

Return of the villain

17 Nov

So our villain has returned again. This time we were doing wake and shake when a masked, cloaked person ran in and stole our house point cards. But in the rush they dropped something! A map! On the map was two crosses. The children decided that perhaps these could have been the locations of the villains or their house point cards and so they decided to split up and go and check.
So off we went to the two locations. When we got there we found a co ordinate on the wall sending us to a new location. This continued, sending the children around the school. Finally it led us to find their house point cards, but one was still missing!!!
From this, the children learnt about co ordinates and how to use a map. They then drew their own map and later on wrote a newspaper article about the event!!! Who said newspapers are a ks2 objective!!!
Im loving this way of teaching the topic and the children are totally falling for it!!!!